Your Attention Please

by Ho-Tom the Conqueror and Marcel Max



released September 9, 2013



all rights reserved


Ho-Tom the Conqueror Shanghai, China

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Track Name: These Days
These are the days when the trees
Sing their windy caterwauls
And imprism the light in ravenous bloom.

Young men will cock their heads akimbo,
Prowling like drunken wolves
Languidly falling to a feast.

Young women will sway brightly
As their steps approximate a dance
A reel, a hurdy-gurdy
Tuned as the rise and fall of some giant cylinder
A bingo wheel, a threshing stone.

The old will roll their eyes and pucker their mouths,
As if trying to taste the memories inside themselves,
Behind their eyes, but gone too far in space and time.

Children will scream
If only to hear themselves scream
To prove conclusively their vocal chords
And the air they vibrate.

The street beds will clamor with the sounds of light feet,
The roar of eager cars, the swish of seasoned bicycles.

And though these things all speak their own words,
Their own signs, their own gasps
Together they call:

The time is here, and now and short
So love these days in their passing
The heat will come, the cold will frost
And bake these days to memory
To harken their return again.
Track Name: Spring Night, Shanghai
Spring night comes to my city of grey
And I'm flying fast on the highway
My heart's full of light and longing to play
How long this will last, I cannot say
Track Name: Spacewalk
Slingshot fast forward
Consciousness flung outward
Into the space to which it belongs
Eyes shaded in mirrored visor
Systematic reaches of a bright light
Bright light, bright light

Airlocked, suited floating body
Gravity's child flung fast
Orbiting by ash and the cold
And your thoughts looking for
Bright light, bright light

Below you the blue
Planet you knew
Wrapped in blankets of clouds
And all conventions, systems
Intricacies of thought
Epistemic revolutions
And aesthetic benevolences
All together, all are before you
As the sun rises above it all
Bright light, bright light

And respiration, perspiration
The locked limbs, floating hair
Of this messenger from below
You mutter to yourself
Breath fogging on glass
Only to dissipate
Just like everything you see
In the bright light
Bright light, bright light

What was your message?
Why did they send you
To spaceland above
Following an inspiration
Of bits of the universe
Wound up tight
Oh, we're conscious, conscious
Bright light, bright light

Ghosts murmur in the radiowaves
Cosmic ghouls hoot from space dark
The seraphim of the quaesars
The archangels of the comets
The cold prophets of the astral plains
Let them speak through you
Suited knowledge warrior
Silent scout of the void
Find your way there
Bright light, bright light
Track Name: I Saw It
I saw it - what they're building in there.

Shining lights bleeding through the darkness
The wails of metal screeching terror slow
Sleepless men pushing endless flashing buttons
Talk filling the empty linoleum corridors of death
Pipelines carrying needed poison for life support
Submarine ballasts hissing in the acid pools
Animals of the forest cowering in plexiglass enclosures
Money sprouting from decommissioned printing presses

I saw it – what they're building in there.

Advisors at the ready, multi-syllabic in servitude
Latrines of sugar and fat, overflowing in decadent piss
Savage scaffolds unfurled into a labyrinthine canopy
Metal on metal again reverberating corridors
Shrieking hounds of iron stalking through dark

I saw it – what they're building in there.

Neutrons packed in heavy space, whispering silent
Relayed genome sequences of salvation and hate
Sequenced broadbanded robots leading the slaughter
Chemical pathways blocked under the night sky
Blurry locked paradigms with no help of corrective vision
Alliances of shape-shifting space, ready to crumble so
Recreations of a world in another world
The appearance in line with the real
The appearance more real than the real
The metal is howling now, brash and punching the stratosphere
A deafening call to the cosmos

I saw it – what they're building in there
You can try to run from it, but it's already here.